The magic of midsummer

INARI Arctic Beauty celebrating white nights

A magic of which all who live south of the Arctic Circle get an idea, when the summer evenings are magical, warm and long. Above the Polar Circle the sun never goes down – a time, that Finns love to celebrate.

„You can sleep at winter time“ is a common saying. The long-awaited summer is there and the sun remains seen above the horizon at the northern turning circle lasting for weeks. At 3 o’clock in the morning it is bright outside and the landscape begins to glow in the soft light. This time of the year is called the time of the white nights.

Your mind becomes calm as the serenity of the nature around you takes over. The extremes of light and darkness soothes the very depths of the soul. It is a truly unique experience! The tradition, to praise the phenomenon of the white nights is especially lively in Scandinavia and the Baltics. Midsummer is celebrated, the longest day of the year. The Finns celebrate „Juhannus“ traditionally with music and dance on the weekend between the 20th and 26th of June. Bonfires are lighted. Birch branches and flowers decorate the houses.

The plant growth in June is still springlike

INARI Arctic Beauty at beautiful clean lake at midsummer

The beautiful white nights at midsummer

Extended darkness, ice and snow in the long, arctic winter with cold temperatures along with 24-hour sunlight in the summertime in the polar region – for the plant growth a huge challenge. 

It is a short, but intense time for the vegetation of the domestic plants from May to August. Especially in June, the time of midsummer, when the plants are exposed to the intensive sun 24 hours a day they develop many protective substances in order to prepare themselves for the coming cold winter months. Berries, lichens and fungi growing North of the Arctic Circle offer therefore huge amounts of vitamins, minerals and strong antioxidants.  

The Arctic is a region of extremes: the landscape is barren but beautiful; with cristal-clear water, pure soil and scarce flora as well as clean air. The area of Lapland belongs to the cleanest environments in the world where all the super plants grow. Typical arctic bilberries, lingonberries or cloudberries and other develop intensive and highly effective active ingredients in a short time that are good for skin and health.

They build the ideal ingredients for green cosmetics!

With the common tradition of midsummer we celebrate the seasons, the white nights, the wonders of nature – and the midsummer magic. 


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