Spotlight: Water Cream

INARI Arctic Beauty Midsummer Magic Water Cream is lightweight and ideal for using in summer time

The new formula of the Midsummer Magic Water Cream contains the naturally strong Arctic Blend as well as pure Arctic spring water as a base. The light Water Cream is specially developed to regulate oily areas of the skin and optimally moisturize normal skin. 

Enriched with an exclusive blend of the arctic’s most powerful antioxidant-rich plants the airy and moisturizing Water Cream gives the skin a lightweight wave of hydration with its low-oil formulation and luxurious texture. The light moisturizing fluid works with a minimum of lipids. It immediately absorbs into deep layers of skin. The result: a healthy and fresh look.

Long lasting hydration effect

Pure Arctic spring water is particularly well received by the skin, high-quality hyaluronic acids in three different types help the skin retain moisture. The different hyaluronic acid molecule sizes form a velvety-soft effect on the skin.

Age-defying effect based on superfood ingredients

The active plant ingredients help to actively protect from premature ageing of the skin through oxidative stress. The Midsummer Magic Water Cream contains powerful, natural antioxidants derived from wild Arctic plants that work against those free radicals. 

The Arctic plant ingredients are considered superfood for the skin. They are antioxidant powerhouses such as berries, chaga mushroom and rose root, also known as the Ginseng of the North. The high concentrations of polyphenols, OPC, flavonoids and vitamins have been shown various benefits for the skin, offering synergistic effects against free radical damage and signs of ageing through building up the collagen and hyaluronic acid activity of the skin.

The potent anti-ageing day cream

This novel skincare formula included in the natural face fluid combines light care with a potent anti-ageing effect. Thus, the Midsummer Magic Water Cream visibly counteracts premature skin aging.

Our tip: Ultra-light Water Creams are already a huge trend in Asia. As a light summer cream for every skin type, the Midsummer Magic Water Cream is particularly well suited. Ideal to use after a spa treatment or a sauna session.

How to apply: Apply to face and neck in the morning after cleansing. For additional hydration, layer over facial serum.

All INARI products are:

  • 100% natural
  • suitable for every skin type
  • dermatologist tested
  • produced environmentally friendly
  • vegan & cruelty free
  • free of parabens, mineral oil, synthetic preservatives


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