Spotlight: Sleeping Cream

INARI Arctic Beauty Sleeping Cream in the spotlight

The intensively nourishing and smoothing night cream supports natural skin regeneration during sleep. The Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream supports the active renewal of the skin in the nighttime and helps to compensate for the loss of moisture.

At night, the skin recovers from the hardships of the day. During sleep, the active ingredients of an intensive night cream have enough time to absorb and to optimally fill the stores of the skin. The skin cells regenerate very quickly at night. The intensive night cream from INARI Arctic Beauty ensures a fresh look the next morning.

The Sleeping Cream from the Midsummer Magic beauty range of INARI Cosmetics contains a high concentration of the novel active complex, the Arctic Blend. This complex of active ingredients is composed of six selected Arctic wild plants, that have a particularly high natural concentration of antioxidants.

Sleeping Cream with concentrated anti-aging power

Antioxidants protect the plants from the extreme weather conditions to which they are exposed north of the Arctic Circle. Natural antioxidants also protect the skin from harmful environmental influences and premature skin aging. This concentrated anti-aging power of nature together with high concentration of natural almond oil and jojoba oil ensures deeply regenerated and firm skin.

“Like a Korean Sleeping Pack, the Sleeping Cream forms an unfeathered film on the skin, thus preventing loss of moisture. Like a cocoon that feels light on the skin”,  says Julia Keith, German beauty expert and blogger

Hyaluronic acid in the Sleeping Cream for skin regeneration at night

Also included in the care complex of the Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream are high-quality hyaluronic acids, which penetrate deeply into the skin thus helping to retain moisture on deeper skin levels. The large molecules provide a silky feeling on the skin, while the smaller molecules have a hydrating effect on a long-term.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in our bodies of which production weakens when getting older. Especially, during the regeneration phase over night, the body absorbs the hyaluronic acid very well. The high-quality hyaluronan develops its best hydration effects during this resting phase. And you can see that, too: the skin looks plump and fresh in the morning, fine wrinkles and lines are visibly smoothed.

“The Sleeping Cream is my favorite from the INARI Arctic Beauty range, because I really like the creaminess of the texture, which has a nice velvety effect on the skin. It feels almost like a sleeping mask,“ says Julia

The light texture of the Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream absorbs quickly into the skin. The night cream does not contain any synthethic preservatives, but is preserved on a natural basis. The original colors of wild plants are not changed chemically. 

“I strongly believe that the skin gets better when sleeping, so I always go to bed with the Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream from INARI Arctic Beauty.” – Brigitte Haase, beauty editor, Glamour

Skin care tip: On cold days, this nourishing Sleeping Cream can also be used as a day cream protecting skin from cold air.

All INARI Cosmetics products are:
100% natural
suitable for every skin type
highly compatible with sensitive skin
scientifically tested
environmentally friendly produced
vegan & cruelty-free


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