Midsummer Magic Serum

In our pre-campaign on as well as on Facebook and Instagram, we’ve introduced our first three products that will be available this June. The power of a good moisturizer goes without saying, but the magic of a complementary serum is often overlooked.

For an extra boost of nutrients and moisture, layer a hydrating serum morning and evening underneath your facial cream or use it on its own.

The anti-aging mechanism of the active ingredients blend is based on antioxidant properties

The light, fast-absorbing Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum is packed with highly concentrated Arctic Blend ingredients that penetrate the skin more quickly than they can in a cream, hydrating and giving powerful anti-ageing results faster.

Additionally, the Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum infuses the skin with three different types of hyaluronic acid that are specifically targeted to work on different layers of the skin to help retain moisture. This, along with the low-oil formulation of the serum, makes it perfect for oily skin, and an added bonus for all other types of skin.

The serum protects, hydrates and nourishes the skin

At INARI Arctic Cosmetics we believe in the power of natural ingredients and the nourishing effects that berries and plants have on your skin. We combine the unique benefits of the antioxidant-rich Arctic plants, luxurious ingredients to pamper your skin, and the latest global beauty trends, like the use of hyaluronic acid for intense skin hydration, to set new, high standards.

Our products are free from parabens, mineral oils, and other harmful synthetic ingredients. Instead, INARI’s exclusive antioxidant-rich Arctic Blend of six plant extracts stimulates your skin’s own regenerative power. All our products are cruelty-free and vegan and dermatologist tested. The Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum is suitable for all skin types.

Experience the magic of the Arctic nature!


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