S-Beauty from Scandinavia: INARI Arctic Beauty in a portrait in the Beauty Independent

Effective plant ingredients from the far North are increasingly becoming a trend in cosmetics, as Nordic plant extracts are truely age-defying all-rounders. Can the beauty scene from Scandinavia set new standards? We do think so.

Read here full article in the Beauty Independent from 11/4/2019 (in German).
(Text Karoline Herr, Beauty Independent)

“The success of S-Beauty is strongly anchored in the increasing demand for sustainable and individual products,” writes beauty editor and influencer Karoline Herr in the Beauty Independent, the new German-language online magazine that tracks the latest developments in the indie beauty industry. In this article the editor introduces 3 beauty labels from Scandinavia. Including our brand – INARI Arctic Beauty.

Many brands are already broadly available in beauty boutiques

Cosmetics products from Scandinavia especially in German-speaking countries are becoming increasingly popular, says Karoline Herr.

The reason why: “For when we think of Scandinavia and the far North, we automatically get to mind images of a nature almost untouched by human hands: clear air, purest water, an impressive nature. It is precisely this combination of naturalness, beauty, efficacy and durability that the Scandinavian Skincare Brands exploit and therefore with their natural and sustainable brand concepts made in Scandinavia meet the spirit of the times.”

Asked about our strategy: “Instead of participating in the price war in the natural cosmetics mass market, we wanted to bring better products to the market,” say Nina Stenberg and Sirkku Hahn, the two founders of the Finnish brand Inari.

In the portrait, the editor continues: “Since mid-2018 available on the Finnish and German market the brand wants to prove with their Arctic DNA, that eco-luxury and anti-ageing expertise must not exclude each other.”

Interested to continue reading? For the full portrait of the S-Beauty brands in Beauty Independent read here (in German).


Picture: ©Beauty Independent (Indie Beauty Media Group)


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