Rejuvenating Eye Cream – new synergistic complex of finest anti-ageing ingredients deliver immediate results

Press release, 10/08/2019 – INARI Arctic Cosmetics launches an exciting new anti-ageing product in its eco-luxury skincare category – the Midsummer Magic Rejuvenating Eye Cream. This luxurious hydrating Eye Cream contains potent Arctic ingredients like Chaga and bilberry leaf extract to help tighten and smooth fine lines and reduce dark circles to give a radiant look.

Characterized by a complex of active ingredients combinations this Rejuvenating Eye Cream is based on more than twenty natural plant extracts and oils with valuable components that create synergies and reinforce each other the best way in their tasks to work on the sensitive undereye area. The main factor, as with all INARI Arctic Beauty products, is the Arctic Blend, which consists of true antioxidant powerhouses. It’s a complex of six berry, bark and mushroom extracts from the Arctic region North of the Polar Circle, in the Northern part of Finland.

Due to the harsh climate, the extreme changes of cold and warm weather and the intense light conditions, indigenous plants in the Arctic region have only a very short growing season, in which they have to harden against the extreme environmental conditions and get resilient. Those circumstances make the plants produce a range of valuable substances, including vitamins, minerals and, above all, potent antioxidants that are found in this organic beauty line.

The new Rejuvenating Eye Cream contains exactly those ingredients that are made for a skin over 30 years of age:

Hyaluronic acid in the smallest molecule sizes – the active ingredient for an additional hydration over a longer period. Furthermore, it contains Finland’s finest Arctic oat oil with a lot of omega 6 and vitamin E (comparable in effectiveness with the well-known argan oil) – an important care factor for premature skin. 

Eye care should be an essential part of the daily beauty routine, as it is the area around the eyes that is thinner than other areas of face and it tends to wrinkle, dry, swell and show dark circles. Especially during skin ageing, there is change visible. Ingredients that create collagen, among other things, have firming effects. Containing high-tech anti-wrinkles complexes of selected super fruit berries and naturally produced biopolymers have structural effects on the skin cells. They provide a deep moisturizing boost, strengthening and improving the elasticity of the sensitive skin area.

INARI Cosmetics Midsummer Magic Rejuvenating Eye Cream yellow packaging with glas bottle

15ml, 109€ (RSP)

One of the innovations in the product is the instant skin tightener (Easyliance), which contains Acacia Bark Extract combined with naturally hydrolyzed polymers. This anti-wrinkle complex has immediate tightening effects.

Another novelty is the adaptogenic Schisandra berry traditionally used in Chinese and Russian medicine. Schisandra Berry Extract strengthen create collagen and thus helps to fight fine lines in the long term.

This Rejuvenating Eye Cream complements the INARI Arctic Beauty eco-luxury facial care range.  The new eye cream’s texture is again characterized by a silky velvety, extremely light consistency, which on top revives with an authentic scent that reminds of a fresh Nordic forest.

The INARI Arctic Beauty line is named Midsummer Magic, inspired by the phenomenon of the midsummer sun seen in the far North, and consists of 5 anti-aging skincare products  Midsummer Magic Moisture Boost, Midsummer Magic Water Cream, Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream and the Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum. The Midsummer Magic Hydration Cleanser was launched in April this year. 

The Rejuvenating Eye Cream will be available in October 2019.

Where to buy INARI Arctic Beauty? A list of retailers can be found here.

INARI Cosmetics founders in studio

The founders of INARI Arctic Cosmetics: Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg

The essence of Arctic plant extracts build the basis for an effective anti-aging skin care

The beauty line’s plant raw materials that are selected for the Arctic active complex are collected from one of the cleanest regions on the planet, the untouched and unpolluted nature North of the Arctic Circle. Most of them are from wild growth from the forests of Finnish Lapland, which are almost 100% organic certified. These ingredients are considered super foods for the skin, they are antioxidant rich powerhouses such as Arctic blueberry, cranberry and cloudberry, chaga mushroom and rose root – also known as golden root – as well as Nordic pine bark. Those plants were chosen because of their effectiveness rises from the synergy. These plants help you to get the beautiful skin you want.  The founders, Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg, call it their Arctic Blend. The entire cosmetics line is manufactured in Finland in accordance with European production standards, Nordic Eco Label and ECOCERT.

Nina Stenberg
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