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Press release 06/12/2019 – Northern Europe is known for its pristine landscapes and untouched nature. In particular, Finland – the land of the thousand lakes – is blessed with abundant natural treasures that are increasingly becoming a trend in cosmetics, as the Arctic ingredients are truely age-defying that let the skin glow!

Due to the special climatic conditions the plants offer highest concentrated active ingredients. In winter the sun barely rises and in doesn’t set for three months in a row in summer.

Plants such as the Chaga mushroom, cloudberry, lingonberry, white pine and  Arctic bilberry have adapted to the deep structure of the cells to the adverse conditions of the far North. Those antioxidant rich powerhouses build the heart of INARI Arctic Cosmetics skincare line.

The design of the vials has also typical nordic-puristic look and the fragrance of the products is unique and fresh – just Arctic.

Organic sourcing

In addition, INARI Cosmetics is committed to protecting the environment, for example by producing sustainably and by collecting the ingredients from the 99% organic-certified forests helping to preserve this unique biotope.

The plants that are found in the far North are food and active ingredients at the same time and picking berries and herbs wildly has a long tradition in Scandinavia, as the two Finnish founders of INARI Arctic Cosmetics confirm:

„When we were children we went out into the woods and gathered cloudberries and other Arctic berries. In summer, this is no pleasure because of the mosquitoes!”, Sirkku Hahn, CEO, INARI Cosmetics, remembers her childhood.

When you grow up in a climate where berries, wild herbs, and resilient trees grow, you know about the power of nutrients, and in the INARI Arctic Beauty skincare line, you’ll find the concentrated power of vitamins, minerals, and above all, antioxidants.

A truly luxurious, environmentally friendly and highly effective natural skin care

All products include a highly effective mechanism offering strong antioxidants against free radical damage and signs of ageing. Ultimate results are delivered by combining those potent natural plant extracts with active ingredients and highly fragmented, natural hyaluronic acid.

With a keen sense of trends – high-performance, finest textures and eco-luxe, but above all, Arctic ingredients rich in antioxidants – Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg have created a brand positioning based on personality and local roots.

In Germany, INARI Arctic Beauty is available in exclusive perfumeries and retail stores for premium natural cosmetics such as Organic Luxury in Munich, Curantus in Münster, Greenglam in Augsburg or Julie Shines in Cologne. Naturel Beauty and Brümmschenkel Perfumery Pierre in Trier have also listed the Nordic Beauty brand – and the brand is also represented in the portfolio of respected niche online retailers such as or INARI Arctic Beauty can also be found in Europe’s largest organic cosmetics online store

In Finland INARI Arctic Beauty is available at the luxury department store Stockmann and in The Garden Design & Fashion House as well as at Jolie Organic Health & Beauty in Helsinki.

The INARI Arctic Beauty range is called Midsummer Magic and consists of 4 products – MIDSUMMER MAGIC Moisture Boost, MIDSUMMER MAGIC Water Cream, MIDSUMMER MAGIC Sleeping Cream and MIDSUMMER MAGIC Lifting Serum.

The latest launched product is the MIDSUMMER MAGIC Hydration Cleanser.

Arctic Blend

  • Chaga has a very high ORAC value of 52,000 to 146,000. This value indicates how much a substance can neutralize free radicals. The higher the value, the better its antioxidant effects (compare blueberry ORAC 4700-9000).
  • Arctic blueberry leaf extract contains a multiple of flavonoids and four times more anthocyanins and polyphenols compared to cultivated blueberries. It supports collagen synthesis and increase the elasticity of the skin. Polyphenols inhance the natural UV protection of the skin and thus prevent premature skin aging. The high amounts of natural antioxidants contained in the Arctic blueberry have a 10-fold higher repairing effect than normal vitamin E and vitamin C.
  • Lingonberry seed oil protects and nourishes the skin and contains a high level of vitamin E, which acts as a strong antioxidant and has moisturizing, skin-tightening and skin-smoothing functions.
  • Cloudberry fruit extract comprises a high content of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, C and E – all essential nutrients for a healthy skin.
  • Pine bark extract being rich in OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) is a potent anti-wrinkle agent and offers anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Rhodiola rosea root extract contains a high percentage of antioxidant flavonoids and help to decrease hyperpigmentation, keeping skin smooth and healthy.


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