Our beauty tips for your winter skincare routine

Winter landscape in Inari

Lower temperatures contribute to the skin’s condition. While cold wind may remove moisture from your skin, the skin barrier becomes weaker. In combination with the dry indoor air, the strain on the skin becomes noticeable. 

During the winter months we experience that the skin feels more dry and itchy. That’s why you need to take care of it.

Use moisturizers that are richer

In order to avoid dry skin in the winter season, you should resort to rich creams wich are based on oils that help to resemble the natural lipid layer of the skin. Oil nutrients promote an intact skin barrier to protect against external influences like cold and dry air. Depending on your skin’s needs particularly suitable are jojoba and almond oil. Likewise protective against cold air is shea butter or linoleic acid, which both have a high fat content. These mild oils prevent the skin from drying out by locking in moisture to the skin.

On very cold days, it can prove to apply an intensive night cream during the day as a light cold protection. Night creams usually provide even more nourishing substances than normal moisturizers. High-quality sleeping creams include carefully selected skin-essential ingredients that – despite the rich oils – ensure that the skin can still breathe well. 

Our tip: On cold winter days use Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream in the morning and evening.

“If I had to choose one products to start with from this lovely range, it would be the Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream. My skin really loves the Sleeping Cream’s rich and hydrating texture and I currently even blend a few pumps of the cream into my day routine for extra hydration.” – Chrissabella, London-based Fashion- and Beautyblogger 

Hydrating inside and out

Good moisturizing facial creams optimally hydrate to deeper skin layers thus protecting the skin from dehydration in winter. The skin will benefit from the balancing function of a good moisturizer, if sufficient active ingredients are incorporated. 

Hyaluronic acid acts as a filler for fine line and wrinkles. It also has the ability to hold water, making this a smart way to lock in moisture and stop producing oil. Small hyaluronan molecule sizes are specifically targeted to work on different layers of the skin. That’s why they provide a long-term anti-aging effect. 

Layer up your skincare

Adding an extra layer and using a facial serum packed with skin-friendly antioxidants morning or night can leave your skin looking energized. 

Leveraging a lightweight facial serum such as the intensive Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum with unique plant extracts underneath the moisturizer restores skin barrier making it more resistant to drier conditions. For an additional hydration boost, the Lifting Serum is not only suitable for layering care, but also as a cure.

To support hydration from the inside, make sure you keep hydrated during the day drinking plenty of clear water or green tea. Your skin will love you for it!

Enjoy the fresh air

Worse than the winter temperatures for our skin are the heated rooms where we spend most of the day. Because dry air removes moisture from the skin. We can regulate the room air by regular short airing. Even plants improve the indoor climate.

Long walks in the beautiful winter landscape help to keep the skin fresh. Exercise promotes good health, does well and not only strengthens the heart and muscles. The better blood circulation and increased oxygen supply have an effect on the renewal of the skin cells, too.

We enjoy long walks in the beautiful winter landscape of the extrem and wild nordic nature above the Arctic Circle.

With the right skincare you can care for your skin very well in the winter and protect against skin damage. Combined with a healthy lifestyle it is the best way to slow signs of aging. 


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