Organic skincare with nordic spring water

Pure, clear water flows from the depths of Finland's cleanest nature.

Pure, clear water flows from the depths of Finland’s cleanest nature. The best water both for drinking and externally applied is as natural as possible. This makes it the ideal additive to our organic anti-aging face care from the Arctic.

In Finland, the land of the thousand lakes, there is not just forest, but also water – and according to Unicef, the water is the cleanest in the world. The clean nature not only offers the wild plants ideal growing conditions to develop intensive active ingredients, but also benefits the well-being of humans. The best way to enjoy the spring water is by filling your own drinking bottle with clear, fresh spring water, as many locals in the far north do. Basically, the further away a body of water is from civilization and the closer you are to the source, the better the water quality.

Spring water is as good as health food

The water must flow dynamically so that it can store as much information as possible and has a high energy potential. Water can be damaged by long transport routes in pipes or industrial processing. Therefore, water directly from the source is unbeatable compared to tap water because it acts as an electron donor. Electrons act as antioxidants. They can bind free radicals and thus help your body recharge its own batteries. Therefore, spring water – used internally and externally – is also as good as a health food.

People feel well and activated in the open air, especially at the sea and at waterfalls. We want to use the benefits of clean spring water and include it in our organic skincare line based on arctic plant extracts. In addition to the careful selection of natural ingredients and strong antioxidants based on regional origin, skin compatibility, natural healing properties of the plants and effective anti-aging power, the origin of the water is also important to us. The antioxidant and active ingredient density also has a moisturizing and binding and regenerating effect. The Nordic spring water in our moisturizing facial cream supports this process.

The lower layers of the landscape, which is criss-crossed by gravel ridges, contain a high proportion of minerals and make the spring water particularly clear and fresh. The water content in our vegan moisturizing facial creams comes from an underground water resource in the far north and is bottled at the source.


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