Super food for the skin

Arctic plant ingredients are considered superfood for the skin. They are antioxidant powerhouses such as berries, chaga mushroom and rose root, also known as the Ginseng of the North.

The high concentrations of polyphenols, OPC, flavonoids and vitamins have been shown various benefits for the skin, offering synergistic effects against free radical damage and signs of aging through building up the collagen and hyaluronic acid activity of the skin.

The antioxidant-rich superfood ingredients form the heart of our beauty range for a powerful age-defying.


Plant extracts with anti-aging effects

The compact power of 6 Arctic super plant ingredients build the basis of INARI Arctic Beauty finest organic skincare made with all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

Potent antioxidants

Plants such as the Chaga mushroom, the Pine bark, Rose root and Arctic berries contain particularly high amounts of antioxidants.

This highly effective, natural cell protection is included in the Arctic Blend in every INARI Arctic Beauty facial care product.

Rhodiola Rosea root

The Rhodiola rosea plant, also called “Ginseng of the North” or “Golden Root,” has yellow or purple blossoms and beautiful bluish-green leaves. It primarily grows at high altitudes, where the climate is cold, and the soil is dry and sandy. Since the plant is used to surviving in the Arctic climate, the plant’s bulbous roots contain a high percentage of antioxidant flavonoids that help to decrease hyperpigmentation, keeping skin smooth and healthy.

Chaga fungus

The Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) grows on birch trees in very cold Northern climates and is known as a strong antioxidant thanks to high levels of beta-glucane and polysaccharides. Beta-glucanes permeate skin to the level of fibroblasts supporting skin renewal, synthesis of collagen, pumping the skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.


Pinus sylvestris, or Scots Pine, is cultivated in many places across Europe but still prefers dry, sandy or rocky soil and colder temperatures. The bark extract of the Pine is a well-known botanical complex which has strong antioxidant and, therefore, anti-ageing properties. The Pine Bark extract is manufactured from the bark of Pines growing in the Lapland area of Finland.


Cloudberries (Rubus chamaemorus) occur naturally throughout the Northern hemisphere where they grow wild in marsh areas. The fruit extract of the wild Nordic plant is a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins A, E and C, that are vital for maintaining a healthy skin. Full of Omega 6 and 3 fats this powerhouse berries detoxify, strengthen the immune system and slow signs of ageing from the inside out.


Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis idaea) seed oil is native to the Arctic tundra and has a high percentage of alpha-linoleic acid and antioxidant vitamin E. While vitamin E occurs naturally in human skin, linoleic acid is required for the normal skin barrier function. The hydrating, firming and wrinkle-reducing efficacy of the special lingonberry seed oil has been demonstrated by clinical tests.

Arctic Bilberry

Bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) are mostly collected from wild plants growing on publicly accessible forests throughout northern Europe, where they are plentiful. Bilberry leaf extract contains high levels of polyphenols which help protect skin from free radicals, boost skin’s microcirculation, and have a brightening effect. Bilberry leaf extract is a strong antioxidant that gently tones and purifies skin. Topical antioxidants help prevent oxidative stress thus moderating the ageing process of the skin.


High-quality plant oil boosts hydration

Our newest oat-based ingredient naturally and carefully extracted from high quality Finish oat. This natural pure plant oil has amazing skin benefits which makes it a perfect add to our Midsummer Magic beauty range.

Rich in vitamin E antioxidant it helps to protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage. Oat oil is highly absorbable by the skin, soothes skin problems and restores the skin’s natural oil balance.

Loaded with unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 6 Linoleic acid, found in abundance in epidermis of skin, it has UV-protective, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. With improved hydrated skin fine lines caused by dryness and undereye bags will be reduced.


Organic sourcing

We apply highest standards to our sourcing and formulation processes in order to be able to deliver the greatest levels of quality and safety.

We are committed to outstanding plant ingredients wild-picked from the cleanest nature of the world, the respect for the environment and innovative ingredients that are backed by scientific evidence.

We source our superior high-potency plant ingredients locally and with respect to natural biodiversity according to international standards for wild collection.

Organic quality of the active ingredients is important to us. Finland is home to the world’s largest organic-certified wild collection area. 99% of the forests in Northern Finland are certified organic. The plants that we use in the anti-ageing active complex Arctic Blend have therefore the highest organic quality.

The safety of raw materials for the skin has been studied in clinical studies.


Help to retain moisture

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance of the skin of which production weakens with age. Our formulations include a special complex of three-phased hyaluronic acid molecules, which make them a powerful anti-ageing booster.

Moisture regulation

Depending on the molecular weight hyaluronan has different care properties. While high hyaluronic molecule weight forms a protective layer on the skin’s surface binding moisture and tightening the skin quickly, middle and low hyaluronic weight molecules can penetrate into deeper skin layers. Here, they unfold their long-term effects, strengthening the skin’s structure from inside out.

Quality control

Dedicated to achieve highest quality standards we build INARI Arctic Beauty skincare on clean hyaluronic acid from Europe.

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