INARI Arctic Cosmetics receives Angel Funding

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Happy and proud to announce that #inaricosmetics has closed a funding round. We are pleased to welcome our shareholders and new strategic partners – a group of angel investors and experienced entrepreneurs who bring years of experience in start-up business, launching, digital space  finance and business development. With the funding we will invest in further international expansion, strengthen the brand and focus on the most important, the customer. 

Founded in 2017 by Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg, INARI Cosmetics has launched its INARI Arctic Beauty line in 2018 comprising 6 skin care products based on a highly effective, natural cell protection complex of high potency plants from the Arctic region. A range that is truly luxurious, eco-friendly, and highly age-defying skincare and perfect for all skin types.  

Timo Ketonen, CEO & founder at Aboa Advest said in a statement: „The core team being Sirkku & Nina has recognized the trends in the international natural cosmetics market: naturalness is not enough -– products must perform better. They have built a new eco-luxury cosmetics brand attracting high-end shoppers who want to combine sustainability with luxury. I wish all the best to the INARI team for a successful new year!“

„We are fully convinced that the brand is ideally positioned and we look forward to help with our partnership to grow their business and to increase sales through online market places and further digital expansion,“ Anssi Peltokangas, Toni Kallio, Patrik Nygård,  partner at Commerce 8.

„Putting the clean beauty story and the demand for high performance skincare and luxurious user experience in a larger context we see is essential. We are pleased to be able to further drive our vision with the expertise of our new shareholders,“ Sirkku and Nina added jointly.

INARI Arctic Beauty was born in the Arctic north, where the wild nature is untouched. We apply all the secrets of the North to make most advanced skincare combining high-performance anti-aging with finest textures and eco-luxury.

Using plants grown and harvested in the Arctic region in Northern Finland and revolutionary technology is our foundation. Super plants such as Chaga, pine bark, rose root and Arctic berries like bilberries and lingonberries contain particularly high amounts of antioxidants.

With INARI Arctic Beauty we meet a growing demand for natural beauty. More conscious consumers are looking for clean and non-irritant ingredients, sustainability, respectful organic sourcing and authenticity. What a luxury cosmetics consumer expects from a clean beauty brand in addition is effectiveness and impact.  We help to drive the change with our highest potency plant actives and latest innovations in safe and green ingredients that ensure non-compromising daily skin treatments.


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