INARI Arctic Cosmetics and Teampac – strategical partners in high-class natural cosmetics

INARI Cosmetics skin care products in airless glas bottles

INARI Arctic Beauty is a premium skincare line that draws its power from Arctic ingredients. The brand is global, but the soul of the products resides in Finland, which is why it was a matter of course that the Finnish company Teampac was selected as a production partner – a first-class contract manufacturer specializing in natural cosmetics.

INARI Arctic Beauty is a selective cosmetics brand developed by Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg. The residence of the women entrepreneurs is Munich, but their roots are in Finland. “We are united by the love of the Arctic nature of the Finnish North,” Sirkku Hahn explains the background.

A contractor specializing in natural cosmetics

The soul of INARI Arctic Beauty is therefore mainly Finnish. “Our products draw their strength from the unspoiled nature of northern Finland, which is one of the cleanest air places in the world, as well as effective plants and herbs. That’s why it was important for us to make the products in Finland, “adds Hahn.

The two-person team of INARI Arctic Beauty was looking for a partner who is familiar with the requirements of natural cosmetics for the production process. “No synthetic preservatives are used in our products. Product safety is therefore the alpha and omega in the production process. Teampac has the necessary expertise. Because they also manufacture health care products, we can trust that the standards for their manufacturing processes are at a very high level, “says Nina Stenberg.

 “We were also impressed by the customer orientation of Teampac. It was a great feeling when we realized that they believed in our business idea. The cooperation went well and we believe that Teampac is above all a strategic partner for us. Teampac gives us the peace of mind to bring INARI into the world with confidence and develop new Arctic cosmetics products“, says Stenberg.

Long-term cooperation as a central success factor

Teampac Sales Manager Carl Fagerudd emphasizes that Teampac’s business is based on a responsible and long-term partnership with product brand owners. The core competence of the company is, besides cosmetic products, contract manufacturing of hygiene and medical products.

“Our job is to help customers strengthen the core of their brand. We are a one-stop shop that helps find the right formulas and ingredients, helps with the registration of products, ensures product compliance, and reliably manufactures products. Our know-how covers the entire process chain – from product design through production and brand-oriented packaging to logistical processing. Natural cosmetics is our spearhead in the cosmetics segment. Their market share is growing at a rapid pace worldwide and consumers expect the products to be of high quality.“

According to Fagerudd, INARI Cosmetics approached Teampac. “They had a product idea and sales arguments. INARI Arctic Cosmetics had a strong vision right from the start, which I thought was a good thing, because the products stand for high quality selective cosmetics. In the cosmetics industry you have to believe in yourself. To succeed in the business, the brand owner must have a clear strategy and distinctive trait. INARI Cosmetics has achieved this excellent. Now it’s our turn to use our expertise in using natural ingredients for premium beauty products and to control the production process from start to finish.”

“It is also important to us that all INARI Arctic Beauty products are manufactured in a production facility that is certified to the highest European production standards – GMP ISO 22716, ISO 9001, Nordic Eco Label and ECOCERT”, says Sirkku Hahn gratefully.

This article was published in the “Nordische Profis” supplement of the German Handelsblatt on 23rd of November, 2018.


Teampac Oy is a contract manufacturer and product developer focused on cosmetics and personal care products as well as healthcare solutions. The company’s service concepts include branding, providing outsourcing alternatives for partner production, and offering a wide range of standard products. Teampac is a solution-oriented partner for customers – from design through to product realization. Teampac’s customers include leading international brands in the industry. The company employs around 70 industry experts.

Teampac is also the leading contract manufacturer of liquid-based medical devices in the Nordic countries. The company specializes in wet wipes, patient hygiene, stoma and wound care as well as skin and surface disinfection.


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