INARI Arctic Beauty’s hero ingredient #5: Pine bark extract

Pine bark extract is one of the active plant ingredients used in the INARI Arctic Beauty skincare range

The Scots Pine is an evergreen coniferous tree which is native to the high altitudes and colder, mountainous regions of western Europe and northern Asia, extending towards the Arctic Circle. A very exciting skin care ingredient which also forms a part of our Arctic Blend.

Today, the Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) is cultivated in many places across Europe and the US, although the tree still prefers dry, sandy, or rocky soil and colder temperatures.

The arctic Pine Bark extract—another key ingredient in our Arctic Blend—is manufactured from the bark of Scots Pines growing in the Lapland area of Finland.

The dynamic age-defying mechanism originates from the huge amount of strong antioxidants

The anti-aging mechanism of the active ingredients of the INARI Beauty skin care line is based on the high content of strong antioxidants. The complex Arctic Blend – contains chemical compounds and revitalizing functions that help to refine the complexion, smooth out fine lines and strengthen sagging skin. Clinical tests document these observations.

The bark extract of the Scots Pine is a well-known botanical complex which has strong antioxidant and, therefore, anti-ageing properties. The main compound in the extract is oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

There are many scientific and clinical studies about the antioxidant efficacy of pine bark extract and OPCs. One study found that when OPCs were taken orally, the extract increased skin hydration and elasticity and activated collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. 

A great moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties

Applied topically, the highly antioxidant pine bark extract shields the skin from the visible effects of photo-ageing – UV-induced skin damage such as wrinkles and age spots  – and prevents hyperpigmentation. It is absorbed well into the skin and is very suitable for sensitive skin types.

Some studies have also found that pine bark extract has some anti-inflammatory properties, so this ingredient could potentially help alleviate skin disorders such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. 

The pine bark extract is kind to the skin and contains no allergenic substances. All dermatological examinations were performed on sensitive and problematic skin.


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