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INARI Arctic new skincare range

Press information – INARI Arctic Beauty is an exclusive organic skincare line with arctic ingredients. The brand name is inspired by the little town INARI at the beautiful lake INARI in the Finnish part of Lapland.

The active skincare ingredients comprise real power packages full of strong antioxidants as from arctic berries, chaga fungus and rose root, the ginseng of the North – superfood for the skin or as the founders call it: the Arctic Blend, which consists of 6 arctic plant ingredients, most of them grown wildly in the 99,9% organic certified woods of Lapland.

The INARI Arctic Beauty range is called Midsummer Magic and consists of 4 products – Midsummer Magic Moisture Boost, Midsummer Magic Water Cream, Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream and Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum.

Extended darkness in the polar region with ice and snow in the long, arctic winter and cold temperatures along with 24-hour sunlight in the summertime – for the plant growth a huge challenge. It is a short, but intense time for the vegetation of the domestic plants. Exposed to the intensive sun 24 hours a day in the summer time they develop a lot of protective substances in order to prepare themselves for the coming cold winter season. Berries, lichens and fungi growing North of the Arctic Circle offer therefore huge amounts of vitamins, minerals and strong antioxidants.

INARI Arctic Beauty plant ingredients are picked in the forests of Finnish Lapland. The entire INARI Cosmetics product range has been manufactured in Finland, in a production facility certified according to the highest European manufacturing standards GMP ISO 22716, ISO 9001, Nordic Eco Label and ECOCERT. 

The founders

Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg founded INARI Arctic Cosmetics in 2017. Living in Germany, both are from Finland and are familiar with the domestic plants of the North. They share their love for the beauty and wilderness of the arctic nature – the clear water, clean soil and the cleanest air in the world. So, the idea for the skincare line INARI Arctic Beauty was born.   

„INARI Arctic Beauty is the result of our vision to enhance every woman’s innate beauty through the power of natural, clean skincare ingredients. We know from our own experience how effective organic cosmetics is – natural ingredients and plant extracts soothe and protect the skin as well as protect the environment.” – Sirkku Hahn, Founder & CEO, INARI Arctic Cosmetics

“We love the arctic landscape with all its harsh beauty. The plant world of the Polar Circle is unique and it is these Arctic antioxidant-rich ingredients that form the heart of our beauty products.“ – Nina Stenberg, Co-founder, INARI Arctic Cosmetics

The dynamic age-defying mechanism comes from the strong antioxidants

Both experts for marketing and branding with the focus on nordic cosmetics have created the beauty range together with a highly experienced and internationally operating research & development team in Germany and Finland in order to uncover the essence and the purity of the arctic plant world.

The dynamic age-defying mechanism of the ingredients blend originates from the huge amount of strong antioxidants. The active ingredients work against pigmentation and have intensive hydrating and moisturizing effects. In addition, natural hyaluronan hydrates the skin. Hyaluronan is an important part of the cellular connective tissue, only 1g of hyaluronan can bind 6 litres of water. The natural hyaluronan in the formulas is used in 3 molecular sizes – big molecules cover the skin on the surface, which has an immediate rejuvenating effect; middle-sized and smaller molecules go deeper into skin for a longer lasting effect.

The Midsummer Magic skincare range

INARI Arctic Beauty Moisture Boost is an intensively hydrating and moisturizing day creamMIDSUMMER MAGIC MOISTURE BOOST is an intensively hydrating and moisturizing day cream with an ingenious age-defying mechanism helping diminish fine lines and wrinkles and moderating pigmentation. Comprising highly effective active ingredients in the Arctic Blend and hyaluronan in 3 different molecule sizes the moisturizing cream stimulates collagen synthesis with according repairing effects on the skin. This deeply nourishing day cream has a soft, light texture that melts into the skin.


INARI Arctic Beauty Water Cream with its low oil formulation is an airy day cream that gives the skin a lightweight hydration

MIDSUMMER MAGIC WATER CREAM with its low oil formulation is an airy day cream that gives the skin a lightweight hydration. Arctic spring water and hyaluronan specifically targeted  to work on different layers of the skin together bind the water at the surface of the skin and help to retain moisture in deeper skin areas. The deeply hydrated skin gets a youthful and glowing look. The skin is suitable for mixed and normal skin types. Especially in summer time, the Water Cream is perfect also for dry skin.


INARI Arctic Beauty Sleeping Cream renews the skin while sleeping

MIDSUMMER MAGIC SLEEPING CREAM  renews the skin while sleeping. At nighttime the skin regenerates during a recreative sleep stimulating the repair process of defects at skin’s cells and thus moderating pigmentation. This nourishing nighttime repair treatment provides the perfect balance of moisture and rejuvenating benefits with a rich texture that feels light on the skin. 


INARI Arctic Beauty Lifting Serum infuses the skin with intense hydration while minimizing sings of ageing

MIDSUMMER MAGIC LIFTING SERUM infuses the skin with intense hydration while minimizing sings of ageing. Formulated with an antioxidant-rich Arctic Blend and hyaluronan specifically targeted to work on different layers of the skin help to firm and hydrate the skin. The skin being especially receptive for active substances after cleansing, the first step in the beauty routine should include the application of a facial serum. As the skin absorbs water like a sponge hydrating ingredients as hyaluronan work more intensely through lightweight textures like in facial serums. Use a day cream or night cream afterwards as accustomed. Tip: With mixed type skin use a facial serum only or apply a bigger amount as a 10-minute nourishing treatment.

About INARI Arctic Cosmetics

The magic of the midsummer sun and the beautiful arctic nature was the inspiration to the founders and their Midsummer Magic skincare range. A magic of which all who live south of the Arctic Circle get an idea, when the summer evenings get warm and light.

The founders of INARI Arctic Beauty enjoy the arctic nature

The founders of INARI Arctic Beauty enjoy the magical midsummer sun.

Above the Polar Circle the sun never goes down in midsummer – a time that the Finns love to  celebrate. „You can sleep at winter time“, is a common saying there. The long-awaited summer is there and the sun is visible above the horizon during day and night. It is the time of the so called white nights. Though, for the plants it means 24 hours of intense sunshine. During this time they develop highly concentrated „superfood“ ingredients and prepare themselves for the coming cold season. The extremes of light and darkness effects people and nature in a very special way.  

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