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Press release – Since the launch of their brand INARI Arctic Beauty Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg have undergone a rapid development. After only four months since the launch of the new beauty brand INARI started in parallel in two countries, Finland and Germany. 

The face care products are characterized by a unique anti-ageing complex of active ingredients, which isn’t found in this form in any other cosmetics worldwide. The two founders have created the new natural cosmetics line together with a team of Finnish and German scientists and developers in order to make the essence and purity, but especially the powerful Arctic plants, experienceable in the form of their highly effective products.

High-performance skincare that feels comfortable on the skin

The success is certainly also due to the fact that the founders consistently implemented their message for their new skincare line: high-performance, advanced textures, eco-luxury, but above all, antioxidant-rich Arctic ingredients from the cleanest nature, of course made without microplastics and synthetic chemicals. 

The plant ingredients for the skincare line are mostly wild-picked from north of the Polar Circle, in Finnish Lapland. The entire cosmetics line is manufactured in Finland in accordance to the European production standards, Nordic Eco Label and ECOCERT.

The Arctic plant ingredients are considered superfood for the skin. They are antioxidant powerhouses such as Arctic berries, chaga mushroom and rose root, also known as the Ginseng of the North. Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg call it their Arctic Blend, which consists of six arctic plant extracts; most of it grown in the wild forests of Lapland, which incidentally being almost to 100% organic certified.

INARI Arctic Beauty in luxury stores

In Finland, INARI Arctic Beauty is sold in the luxury department store Stockmann in Helsinki and in newly opened The Garden Design & Fashion House as well as at Jolie Organic Health & Beauty.

In Germany, INARI is available in exclusive perfumeries and premium cosmetics organic stores such as Organic Luxury in Munich, Curantus in Münster, Greenglam in Augsburg or Julie Shines in Cologne. Likewise, the brand is in the portfolio of niche beauty and cosmetics online stores such as or and In Dezember, INARI cosmetics range can be found in the pop-up store The Lobby in Stockholm, Sweden. From March 2019 on the Arctic skincare line will be available at EccoVerde, the online store with the biggest selection of green beauty in Europe.

The publisher of the natural cosmetics industry report and natural cosmetics year book and organizer of the renowned natural cosmetics industry congress, Elfriede Dambacher, who is far beyond Germany’s borders respected as an opinion leader, says about INARI Cosmetics:

“I congratulate you on this brand! Very nicely done. It convinces me and I have recommended the new brand already. The design is awesome, but also the texture and, above all the scent are consistent. The market needs new modern brands. I can only wish you all the best.”

The INARI Arctic Beauty range is called Midsummer Magic and consists of 4 products – MIDSUMMER MAGIC Moisture Boost, MIDSUMMER MAGIC Water Cream, MIDSUMMER MAGIC Sleeping Cream and MIDSUMMER MAGIC Lifting Serum.

The next markets that Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg have in mind for INARI are the Scandinavian countries, Austria and Switzerland, Great Britain and Asia, Japan as the strongest market. The founders will be at the VIVANESS exhibition in Germany in February introducing further new products – the range will be successively expanded by the end of 2019.


Press release INARI Arctic Beauty launch – July 19, 2018

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