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Autumn colors are strong. Air is clear and refreshing. We experience the healing effects of nature by walking in the woods or even in the surrounding parks. Nature is now at its best. It’s not only relaxing, but delivers healthy plants and berries that we can use for our skin. The new Midsummer Magic Rejuvenating Eye Cream includes more than twenty natural plant extracts and nourishing oils that keep the skin hydrated. Furthermore, it’s packed with latest anti-ageing technology.

After the summer holiday season, early morning hours and less sleep, but also cooler weather and a higher workload are possible reasons why the skin around the eyes seems stressed at this time of the year. Those stress and environmental factors can cause changes on the skin that make it look tired and flabby. Fortunately, the natural vitality of the skin can be restored. In a very natural way, which not only protects the skin, but also the beauty of nature.

Special care of the sensitive undereye area

The delicate eye area is the first one to show visible signs of ageing. It is by nature about one-third thinner than the rest of the facial skin. The skin’s normal function slows down with age which makes it vulnerable to dryness and sagging. The reason: decreased hyaluronic acid and collagen production. Swollen eyelids or dark circles can be caused by a variety of factors, including lack of sleep or moisture.

“Skin area around the eye is most demanding and at the same time most sensitive, which makes the use of an eye cream essential.“

So, how do you treat the eye area best? Thin and sensitive skin must be treated gently but regularly to get a rejuvenated look. The new Midsummer Magic Rejuvenating Eye Cream is great for every day wear. This Eye Cream is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and contains a huge amount of antioxidants. Powerful antioxidants help to defend oxidative stress and other damages caused by environmental influences. Made with the latest anti-ageing high-tech complexes of selected super fruit berries and naturally produced biopolymers that have structural effects on the skin’s cells this eye cream is ideal for firming as the undereye skin area will soon feel tightened.

Made by bilberry leaf extract and rose root extract from the Arctic region in Northern Finland the Rejuvenating Eye Cream is not only tightening and hydrating but will also brighten dark eye circles. Pigment spots and blemishes caused by UV rays or other environmental influences are reduced.

The powerful formula is also targeted to rejuvenating and renewing as you sleep. During sleep the skin regenerates and can recover best from the stress of the day. Infused with active ingredients this Rejuvenating Eye Cream will support skin regeneration smoothly and create collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity, by activating cell renewal. Applied daily, this tightening Eye Cream will do its work.

Five levels of active ingredients act in this eye treatment

Immediate and longer lasting effects are based on five active ingredient levels. 

  • The Arctic Blend, a complex of 6 antioxidant rich plants from the Arctic region
  • Finest oat oil from Finland packed with vitamins C and E
  • Multi-level hyaluronic acid as moisturizing booster
  • Super fruit berries such as the biologically active Schisandra berry
  • Tightening anti-ageing complex Easyliance that consists of naturally produced and hydrolyzed biopolymers combined with the white Acacia tree bark. The effects of Easyliance Instant Cure can already be seen after 15 minutes based on scientific data.

These five active ingredient levels in this Rejuvenating Eye Cream have proven to be effective. The combination of ingredients guarantees a holistic tightening effect, even for the most demanding skin needs.

“Be sure to take care of your skin the best way you can and maintain your radiant complexion with the right eye treatment as part of your daily routine.”

How to apply the Eye Cream

This is your daily care ritual. After thoroughly cleansing the skin and applying a facial serum such as the Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum, it is the eye cream’s turn. Apply a little amount with your fingertips and gently wrap around the eye area without stretching too much. The cream is not applied to the moving part of the eyelid. Eye Cream can also be spread on the thin skin around the lips.

The light texture is quickly absorbing and applies smoothly. It has a minimal fragrance, but does not contain any of the 26 cosmetic fragrance allergens as defined by the EU Cosmetics Directive, which must be included in the list of ingredients, and is therefore suitable for the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Our expertise in skin functionality and understanding the challenges of ageing skin are key to our product development. Our expertise in skincare is associated with a strong understanding of the effects of selected ingredients and their respective synergy effects on skin. All of the ingredients we select for our skincare products have their specific role in our formulas. These factors will guarantee high-performance  effectiveness of our skincare products.

INARI Cosmetics Midsummer Magic Rejuvenating Eye Cream yellow packaging with glas bottle

Midsummer Magic Rejuvenating Eye Cream, 15 ml


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