How to apply the new Hydration Cleanser

The new Midsummer Magic Hydration Cleanser is your daily cleansing emulsion with a light, silky texture. The gentle cream cleanser makes your skin feel soft and nourished after cleansing. The moisturizing cleanser does not dry out your skin. Especially, sensitive and mature skin copes with it very well.

When choosing the right cleansing product, it is important to ensure that the skin is not excessively degreased or dried out.

The right water temperature when washing your face is important, too. It is best to use lukewarm water, which will not dry out the skin. And after cleansing apply a suitable moisturizer cream like Midsummer Magic Moisture Boost or Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream.

This is how to apply the new cleanser

Use the new Midsummer Magic Hydration Cleanser in 2 ways: 

  •  For deep cleansing with extensive massage onto dry skin
  • For quick cleansing onto wet skin with immediate rinsing

In addition, make sure you remove all your make-up thoroughly at the end of the day by doing a double cleanse. Let the new Arctic Beauty cleansing emulsion with anti-aging ingredients act briefly so that the ingredients can work. A gentle massage supports this process.

Giving yourself a facial massage on a daily basis not only promotes relaxation but also increases blood flow and circulation to your skin which will help your skin look and feel its best during.


NEW! Midsummer Magic Hydration Cleanser


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