How to apply INARI Arctic Beauty skincare

How to apply Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum

Many women feel that skin care products are sometimes not properly absorbed. Natural cosmetics are usually used sparingly. So what should the right application be? We tell you how to apply INARI Arctic Beauty the best way!

With natural cosmetics products for facial care, we do something good for our skin and protect and care for it at the same time. This leads one to think that much good also does a lot. But less is sometimes more. Using small amounts of a face cream moisturizer – a hydrating day or night cream – or an instant facelift serum are enough to provide the skin with plenty of active ingredients.

The new INARI Arctic Beauty skincare range for mature skin is intense and the active plant ingredients are highly concentrated. The arctic plants as well as the active ingredients in our anti-aging face care products have been carefully selected and assembled into an effective complex, the Arctic Blend. Especially the plant extracts from the clean arctic nature contain a high proportion of strong antioxidants.

This is how you apply our Arctic skincare properly

Use a small amount of organic skin cream to apply on the skin

Apply a pea-sized amount of INARI Arctic Cosmetics on your skin

To achieve the best possible balance of moisture and anti-aging, it is therefore sufficient to give a small amount – such as pea-sized – on the hand and evenly spread on the face. The recyclable 30ml glass bottles of our new organic face creams are therefore particularly productive.

The skin being especially receptive for active substances after cleansing, the first step in the beauty routine should include the application of a moisturizing serum. As the skin absorbs water like a sponge hydrating ingredients as hyaluronan work more intensely through lightweight textures like in the Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum.

To ensure better absorption we even recommend to gently pat the product on your face as the Korean and Japanese often do it. According to skincare experts this method increases blood circulation. But you also minimize stretching your skin too much.

Tip 1: With mixed type skin use the instant facelift serum only 

Tip 2: Apply a bigger amount as a 10-minute nourishing treatment

Use Midsummer Magic Moisture Boost or Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream afterwards as accustomed. The deeply nourishing day cream has a soft, light texture that melts into the skin. Whereas the Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream renews the skin while sleeping. This nourishing nighttime repair treatment provides the perfect balance of moisture and rejuvenating benefits with a rich texture that feels light on the skin.

The fine and light textures of our new organic beauty range spread well on the skin, absorb quickly without clogging the pores and still provide the full anti-aging effect. The effectiveness of the wild plants in our new natural cosmetics care line protects against the free radicals that often occur as a result of environmental pollution through the powerful antioxidants, ensures a balanced skin appearance and leaves the skin looking young and fresh. 

INARI Arctic Beauty contains natural chemical compounds and revitalizing functions that help to refine the skin, smooth fine lines and strengthen sagging skin.

INARI Arctic Beauty range overview

Midsummer Magic Moisture Boost, Midsummer Magic Water Cream, Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream, Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum


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