How the innovative anti-ageing active ingredient complex works on your skin

We pick our plants in the wide and untouched Arctic nature

Superfoods from the far North are a well-known term in the food industry. Wild blueberries for example are especially healthy because of their high antioxidant content. In INARI Arctic Beauty, these powerful antioxidants work against free radicals and thus develop their anti-ageing effects on your skin.

In the northernmost part of Finland, beyond the Arctic Circle, in winter the sun barely rises and does not set in summer for 70 days in a row. The landscape is wide and deserted. The nature is wild and untouched. In this unique part of Europe, the wild plants grow that we selected for the INARI Arctic Blend.

The environment provides good conditions for first-class raw materials: air and water (according to UNESCO) are the cleanest in the world. Finland is home to the world’s largest organic-certified wild plants collection area. 99% of forests in Finnish Lapland are certified organic. The plants are thus among the cleanest in the world.

Age beautifully through the power of nature

Our idea is to include the high quality of these super plants for effective and premium quality skincare. The development of our innovative complex based on 6 Arctic plants took place after intensive research and analysis. We have succeeded in creating a unique blend of Arctic ingredients with superior quality.

INARI Arctic Beauty skincare not only comprises one or two plant ingredients, but six highly effective Arctic berry, plant and mushroom extracts. 

The unique blend captures the essence of the arctic plant world

The carefully selected wild plants and berries are gently harvested by hand in the untouched nature North of the Polar Circle. Plants such as chaga mushroom, cloudberry, lingonberry, white pine and wild blueberry have adapted ideally in their cell structure to the adverse conditions of the far North.

Rose root – also called gingseng of the North or golden root – grows only in cold regions and is cultivated in Finland. In order to protect the plant’s cells from the extreme climatic conditions, these plants hold a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants:

  • Chaga has a very high ORAC value of 52,000 to 146,000. This value indicates how much a substance can neutralize free radicals. The higher the value, the better its antioxidant effects (compare blueberry ORAC 4700-9000).
  • Arctic blueberry leaf extract contains a multiple of flavonoids and four times more anthocyanins and polyphenols compared to cultivated blueberries. It supports collagen synthesis and increase the elasticity of the skin. Polyphenols inhance the natural UV protection of the skin and thus prevent premature skin aging. The high amounts of natural antioxidants contained in the Arctic blueberry have a 10-fold higher repairing effect than normal vitamin E and vitamin C.
  • Lingonberry seed oil protects and nourishes the skin and contains a high level of vitamin E, which acts as a strong antioxidant and has moisturizing, skin-tightening and skin-smoothing functions.
  • Cloudberry fruit extract comprises a high content of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, C and E – all essential nutrients for a healthy skin.
  • Pine bark extract being rich in OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) is a potent anti-wrinkle agent and offers anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Rhodiola rosea root extract contains a high percentage of antioxidant flavonoids and help to decrease hyperpigmentation, keeping skin smooth and healthy.

Arctic plant extracts work as the basis for INARI Arctic Beauty skincare

This novel composition makes the Arctic Blend plant complex  a “superfood” for the skin. It works as a naturally strong cell protection that nourishes and revitalizes the skin. In addition, the effective anti-aging mechanism of INARI Arctic Beauty’s innovative active ingredients complex supports skin’s collagen and hyaluronic acid activities and restores hydration.

When used regularly, the active ingredients smooth fine lines and wrinkles and refine skin’s appearance – for a luminous arctic beauty look.

All INARI Arctic Beauty skincare products contain the antioxidant-rich active complex of 6 Arctic plant compounds – the Arctic Blend. The product lines of INARI Cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free, neither so they contain any  micro plastics nor synthetic colorings or preservatives. And only natural extraction methods are used in production.

This combination makes the complex Arctic Blend a convincing anti-ageing ingredient – and that on 100% natural basis, gently and ecologically produced.


INARI Arctic Beauty’s hero ingredient #1: Rhodiola rosea root extract

INARI Arctic Beauty’s hero ingredient #2: Chaga mushroom extract

INARI Arctic Beauty’s hero ingredient #3: Lingonberry seed oil

INARI Arctic Beauty’s hero ingredient #4: Bilberry leaf extract

INARI Arctic Beauty’s hero ingredient #5: Pine bark extract

INARI Arctic Beauty’s hero ingredient #6: Cloudberry


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