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The new Midsummer Magic Hydration Cleanser is your daily cleansing emulsion with a light, silky texture. The gentle cream cleanser makes your skin feel soft and nourished after cleansing. The moisturizing cleanser does not dry out your skin. Especially, sensitive and mature skin copes with it clearly.

NEW! Hydration Cleanser

INARI Arctic Beauty Hydration Cleanser is your daily Arctic beauty cleansing treatment based on potent antioxidants from the Arctic nature

This gentle yet powerful luxury cleansing emulsion with Arctic lingonberry seed oil, cloudberry and rose root extract cleans and conditions, leaving your skin revitalised with a radiant glow. 

Arctic Beauty puhdistusemulsio

INARI Arctic Beauty Hydration Cleanser launch

We’ve included a thorough selection of wild Arctic plant ingredients in the new Midsummer Magic Hydration Cleanser, that have hydrating, firming and wrinkle-reducing effects on your skin. Your daily Arctic Beauty Cleanser will soon be there!

Fokus: Water Cream

INARI Arctic Beauty Midsummer Magic Water Cream is lightweight and ideal for using in summer time

The new formula of the Midsummer Magic Water Cream contains the naturally strong Arctic Blend as well as pure Arctic spring water as a base.

Fokus: Moisture Boost

INARI Arctic Beauty luxury Midsummer Magic Moisture Boost

This nourishing anti-ageing facial cream with potent antioxidant Arctic ingredients deeply hydrates the skin protecting it from free radicals to give your skin a radiant glow.

Kauneusvinkit talven ihonhoitorutiineihin

Winter landscape in Inari

Lower temperatures contribute to the skin’s condition. While cold wind may remove moisture from your skin, the skin barrier becomes weaker. In combination with the dry indoor air, the strain on the skin becomes noticeable. 

INARI Cosmetics näytteilleasettelijana VIVANESS 2019 messuilla ja ”parhaan uuden tuotteen” messukilpailussa

INARI Cosmetics presenting its beauty range at international trade fair Vivaness 2019

INARI Arctic Cosmetics presents its beauty range at the international trade fair for natural cosmetics, VIVANESS in Nuremberg from 13-16 of February, 2019. Interested retailers and distributors will find INARI Arctic Beauty in the newcomer area BREEZE in Hall 7A OST. The new high-end anti-ageing skincare brand from the far North of Europe will also be represented at the novelty stand and thus participating in the ”Best New Product Award“.


Tilaa INARI Arctic Beauty uutiskirje ja saat 10 € alennuskupongin ensimmäiselle ostoksellesi. Tervetulosähköpostissa löydät myös arvokkaita hoitovinkkejä ihollesi.

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