Choose the right cleanser as the basis for your effective skincare routine

The best way to cleanse your face for a radiant complexion and bright appearance

Daily cleansing is as vital to the health and radiance of the skin as using a preferred moisturizer. Choosing the appropriate cleanser can make a difference to your daily skin care routine and is the key to a radiant complexion and bright appearance.

Mature skin requires a different cleansing product than the younger skin. The reason behind that is, that the skin over 30 simply requires more care. With the age skin begins to lose its elasticity. The production of essential oils is reduced and the skin’s ability to hold moisture decreases. First lines and wrinkles appear.

Our skincare routine needs to be adapted accordingly. To ensure that our skin is getting the best care, it is important when choosing the right cleanser, that the skin is neither getting excessively dried out nor healthy oils are cleared.

Start your anti-aging cleansing routine in good time

Why is cleaning your face so important? An effective face cleanser dissolves dirt particles and prepares the skin ideally for further facial care. Pollutants, impurities and make-up accumulate on the skin throughout the day. Early skin ageing can be the unsightly result of clogged pores. In the evening it is therefore crucial to always remove the make-up thoroughly. With refined pores the subsequent facial care can work better; your skin can breathe and renew itself overnight.

Our tip: In order to get the skin deeply cleaned down to the pores and refreshed, it is efficient to gently massage into the skin. Let a good cleanser with anti-ageing ingredients act briefly so that the active substances can work on your skin. Then rinse thoroughly.

If you have normal skin, you can clean your face twice a day. However, care should not be exaggerated so as not to disturb the balance of the skin. The facial skin is usually tender and sensitive and needs a certain amount of oil on the skin#s surface to be balanced. If the skin’s own protective film becomes thinner, the skin function is disturbed which can lead to different skin problems. Aggressive facial soaps, cleansing gels, or lotions may also be a cause of skin dryness problems. When the skin tightens, the cleansing was too aggressive.

Lipid replenishing cleanser for smooth and soft skin

Choose a gentle cleanser to make your skin feel soft after cleansing. A moisturizing cleanser does not dry out the skin because it particularly replenishes lipids. This is especially important for sensitive and mature skin. The temperature of the water matters, too.  Wash the cleanser off with warm or lukewarm water. Too hot water will dry out your skin and cause irritations. After cleansing apply a suitable moisturizing cream.


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