Organic skincare is a way of life

INARI Arctic Cosmetics with organic arctic ingredients
The natural ingredients in our new vegan organic INARI Arctic Beauty cosmetics are sourced in the best way possible – the plants are wild-harvested from the organic-certified forests of Lapland whenever possible. Not only is this better for our skin, but it is also better for the ecosystems from which they are gathered.   When [...]

Organic skincare with nordic spring water

Pure, clear water flows from the depths of Finland's cleanest nature.

Pure, clear water flows from the depths of Finland’s cleanest nature. The best water both for drinking and externally applied is as natural as possible. This makes it the ideal additive to our organic anti-aging face care from the Arctic.

INARI Arctic Beauty – the Magic of the Arctic

INARI Arctic new skincare range
Press information – INARI Arctic Beauty is an exclusive organic skincare line with arctic ingredients. The brand name is inspired by the little town INARI at the beautiful lake INARI in the Finnish part of Lapland. The active skincare ingredients comprise real power packages full of strong antioxidants as from arctic berries, chaga fungus and rose [...]

The magic of midsummer

INARI Arctic Beauty celebrating white nights
A magic of which all who live south of the Arctic Circle get an idea, when the summer evenings are magical, warm and long. Above the Polar Circle the sun never goes down - a time, that Finns love to celebrate. „You can sleep at winter time“ is a common saying. The long-awaited summer is [...]


Midsummer Magic Serum

In our pre-campaign on as well as on Facebook and Instagram, we’ve introduced our first three products that will be available this June. Everyone knows the power of a good moisturizer, but the magic of a complementary serum seems to be often overlooked. 

5 skincare tips for your springtime routine

INARI Arctic Beauty organic skincare makes your skin look beautiful

It’s that time of year when it’s getting warmer out, the earth is coming to life again, and the flowers are poking their heads up, but your skin still feels dull and dry from the long winter.  It’s time to get refreshed and rejuvenated with some skincare tips to include in your springtime routine!


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