INARI Arctic Cosmetics receives Angel Funding

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Happy and proud to announce that #inaricosmetics has closed a funding round. We are pleased to welcome our shareholders and new strategic partners – a group of angel investors and experienced entrepreneurs who bring years of experience in start-up business, launching, digital space  finance and business development. With the funding we will invest in further international expansion, strengthen the brand and focus on the most important, the customer. 

Your daily beauty ritual to feel good all day

Powerful antioxidants from the Arctic nature, finest botanical oils and latest skin care technology ensure best and visible results. With it’s luxurious textures and light fragrance INARI Arctic Beauty skincare feels like a fresh breeze from the far North! Your daily Arctic Beauty skin care routine at home can be your little wellness ritual that brings the Arctic nature closer and lets you face everyday life more relaxed.

S-Beauty from Scandinavia: INARI Arctic Beauty in a portrait in the Beauty Independent

Effective plant ingredients from the far North are increasingly becoming a trend in cosmetics, as Nordic plant extracts are truely age-defying all-rounders. Can the beauty scene from Scandinavia set new standards? We do think so. Read here full article in the Beauty Independent from 11/4/2019 (in German). (Text Karoline Herr, Beauty Independent) "The success of [...]

Best oat oil moisturizes and soothes skin

Best oat oil - our newest oat-based ingredient naturally and carefully extracted from high quality Finnish oat. This natural pure plant oil has amazing skin benefits which makes it a perfect add to our new Rejuvenating Eye Cream. Oat oil is the ideal addition to natural beauty products that are to be applied to the [...]

Rejuvenating Eye Cream – new synergistic complex of finest anti-ageing ingredients deliver immediate results

Press release, 10/08/2019 – INARI Arctic Cosmetics launches an exciting new anti-ageing product in its eco-luxury skincare category – the Midsummer Magic Rejuvenating Eye Cream. This luxurious hydrating Eye Cream contains potent Arctic ingredients like Chaga and bilberry leaf extract to help tighten and smooth fine lines and reduce dark circles to give a radiant look. [...]

In the spotlight: Tightening eye treatment – Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Autumn colors are strong. Air is clear and refreshing. We experience the healing effects of nature by walking in the woods or even in the surrounding parks. Nature is now at its best. It’s not only relaxing, but delivers healthy plants and berries that we can use for our skin. The new Midsummer Magic Rejuvenating [...]

My summer skincare tip your you

A facial serum is the best alternative to a richer cream in the summer. This essential offers more targeted results, potent formulations, and customization options. Co-founder of INARI Arctic Beauty recommends for the care during the summer vacation therefore: If you're truly not into adding an extra step, the Lifting Serum is sufficient as a [...]

The magic of midsummer

INARI Arctic Beauty celebrating white nights
At midsummer the evenings get warmer, longer and magical. It’s the time when the beautiful Arctic wilderness begins to glow in the soft light. Your mind becomes calm as the serenity of the nature around you takes over. Everything is bathed in a warm, bright light. A season, that Finns love to celebrate. „You can [...]

Plant extracts from the Arctic region – INARI Arctic Beauty sets new beauty standards

INARI Arctic Beauty skin care range with branch
Press release 06/12/2019 – Northern Europe is known for its pristine landscapes and untouched nature. In particular, Finland – the land of the thousand lakes – is blessed with abundant natural treasures that are increasingly becoming a trend in cosmetics, as the Arctic ingredients are truely age-defying that let the skin glow! Due to the [...]


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