A new skin care product takes time to work

A rliable skincare routine is worth of gold

You enjoy testing fine textures, discovering elegant fragrances or trying out new brands? The search for a new beauty product can be wonderfully rich in discovery. But it can also be tedious to wait for results. Patience is a virtue in using a new skin care product, but it’s worth it!

A reliable skin care is worth gold for a radiant and glowing skin, which is not affected by dryness, fine wrinkles and impurities. Not for nothing it says skin care routine. The skin adjusts to the care substances and gets used to their effect.

Nevertheless, there may be reasons to change the current skin care products or to adapt individual steps in the daily routine. This includes the seasonal change of care products adapted to the seasons, which means easier care in the spring/summer and the use of moisturizing products in the winter. Or the change from a normal facial cream to anti-ageing skin care as well as the switch from conventional cosmetics to natural or organic cosmetics. Maybe you also discovered a new brand that you would like to try out?

The conversion of a facial care product is more difficult than, for example, the change of a body lotion. Basically, the skin needs time to change when it gets new nutrients. On the face in particular, as the skin is more sensitive to change. When cleaning the face, for example, you immediately notice whether the skin feels good. When the skin tenses, the cleanser was too strong.

Give your skin enough time to renew itself

Skincare products rarely have an immediate effect. Therefore, give your skin enough time to get used to the new product. A new facial care should be given at least 3-4 weeks before changing again. In the conversion phase, it may be that the skin reacts with pimples and impurities. As hard as it is, but now it’s time keep up!

Since natural cosmetics and organic skincare rely on the self-regeneration ability of the skin and do not seal with silicones or mineral oils, it often takes a while for the skin to change. The cell renewal of the skin surface takes approximately four weeks. Only then can you expect good results.

Introduce anti-ageing skin care to your daily routine

If you want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and beautify the skin, then it is a question of choosing the right anti-ageing product. After applying a normal skin cream, the skin immediately feels softer and moisturizes, but above all effective anti-ageing ingredients and antioxidants need time to develop their power. This can take up to a few weeks. The treatment of pigment disorders or dulling skin is very time-consuming.

Skincare serums or facial cream that contain hyaluronic acid also take their time to work. The compact hyaluronan molecules are stored over time in the skin, only then you can see first results. With continuous treatment over a long period of time, the skin’s appearance becomes much better, small line and wrinkles are filled and the ageing process is counteracted.

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