3 beauty tips for your autumn routine

INARI Arctic Beauty skin care moisturizer helping protect skin in the cold season

As the days get shorter, the light less and the air colder, it’s time to switch our skin care routines. As the weather changes, your skin care routine changes, too. Getting the hydration your skin needs is now more important.

In autumn, on the one hand, the skin has to recover from the summer and the intense sun. On the other hand, the cold days begin to remove moisture from the skin. In combination with the dry indoor heating air, the strain on the skin becomes noticeable. On very cold days, the skin is likely to show fine lines and wrinkles. The face needs a particularly intensive care.

Long walks in the beautiful autumn landscape help to keep the skin fresh. Exercise is good for your health and strengthens the heart and muscles. It gets your blood flowing, bringing more oxygen and clearing away free radicals, giving you a healthy, glowing look. What the skin needs now is a lot of moisture and a rich care.

1 Use hydrating facial creams during daytime

Generally, we recommend light care for the day and a richer face cream for the night. Since the self-renewal of the skin depends on its water content, it is therefore important to hydrate the skin sufficiently.

During the day, the skin must protect itself from harmful free radicals and oxidative stress. Diverse influences from the environment such as UV radiation, fine dust or stress are responsible for the fact that the cells and thus our skin age faster. Antioxidants help maintain the skin’s regenerative powers and help to stop signs of ageing by inhibiting free radicals.

Our moisturizing face creams Midsummer Magic Water Cream for more oily skin and Midsummer Magic Moisture Boost for dryer skin with selected Arctic plant ingredients contain a high level of powerful antioxidants. Additionally, the natural oils and fats in our anti-aging creams also nourish and protect the skin, leaving the skin surface soft and smooth.

2 Get the right beauty sleep with the right night cream

At night, the skin recovers from the hardships of the day. During sleep, skin cells have enough time to absorb the active ingredients of an intensive night cream and to optimally fill the stores of the skin. The skin cells regenerate very quickly at night.

The Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream supports the active renewal of the skin during sleep and helps to compensate for the loss of moisture. The moisture reservoirs of the skin are filled up by the water-binding substance hyaluronic acid. Immediately, skin feels hydrated and looks more radiant. The antioxidant-rich active ingredients from selected wild Arctic plants as well as the high concentration of natural almond oil and jojoba oil provide a fresh look the next day.

On cold days, it can also prove to use the night cream during the day as a light protection against the cold.

3 Use an active ingredient serum for the extra portion of moisture

An intense facial serum provides additional moisture. Our anti-aging serum is just made for that – hydrate. Use it before your moisturizer to plump up the skin.

This effect should not only work in the short term, the skin should also be protected and hydrated in the long term. The highly concentrated active ingredient serum Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum therefore contains high quality hyaluronic acid in three molecular sizes. The small hyaluronan molecules are specifically targeted to work on different layers of the skin. 

Enriched with an exclusive blend of the arctic’s most powerful antioxidant-rich plants the serum gives an extra boost of rejuvenating effects, smoothing skin and reducing fine lines. Even small amounts are enough to care for the face sufficiently.


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