Arctic power for a beautiful skin

INARI Arctic Beauty was born in the Arctic north, where the wild nature is mystic and untouched. We apply all the secrets of the North to make most advanced skincare for a beautiful and healthy skin.

Passionate to deliver ultimate quality and best results, we use highest potency and purest plant actives to ensure non-compromising daily skin treatments.

We believe in beautiful ageing in order to look and feel the best in every age. Discover how our effective skincare products deliver beautiful results for mature skin types.

INARI Arctic Beauty face care with vase


The essence of the Arctic plants

INARI Arctic Beauty skincare is based on the Arctic Blend, a unique complex of 6 powerful plant ingredients grown in the Arctic wilderness. Combined with advanced natural skincare technology, selected oils and superior ingredients our facial care range provides a perfect balance of hydration and age-defying. The very light textures are ideal for layering and specially designed to assist the skin absorbing its active ingredients for extraordinary results.


Make your skin glow

At INARI Arctic Beauty we draw our strength and inspiration from the cleanest and most unpolluted region north of the Arctic Circle in Northern Europe.

The climate conditions in the Arctic are severe but the plants that survive in this harsh climate offer highest concentrated active ingredients. These super-plants are especially rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and have been shown to have beneficial and visible effects on skin. 


When the sun doesn't set

In the northernmost part of Finland, beyond the Arctic Circle, in winter the sun barely rises and does not set in summer for 70 days in a row. The landscape is wide and deserted. The nature is wild and untouched. In this unique part of Europe, the wild plants grow that we selected for the  Arctic Blend, an ingredients complex of wild-picked Arctic plants.

At the Midsummer period when the sun doesn’t set at all the beautiful Arctic wilderness begins to glow in the soft light. Your mind becomes calm as the serenity of the nature around you takes over. It is a truly unique experience.



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